Providing comprehensive wall formwork systems to cater for any application and concrete finish required.

What is Wall Formwork?

Vertical or wall formwork are modular systems that can be used for any vertical application or concrete finish. Our wall formwork systems are traditional vertical formwork systems that can be man-handled or gang-formed. At Uni-span, we understand various formwork types and our designs are accurately created to your strict project requirements.

Our vertical horizontal systems include Uni-Lite, Economy Form Panel, NOE and Uni-Flex. Uni-Lite and NOE are modular timber-faced panel systems which provide a smooth concrete finish.

The Types of Wall Formwork In Construction

There are various types of wall formwork available, each with its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Traditional wall formwork is the oldest and most commonly used method, while steel and aluminium prefabricated formwork is popular due to its durability and flexibility.

Timber prefabricated formwork, on the other hand, is ideal for smaller construction projects, while plastic prefabricated formwork is lightweight and easy to handle. With so many options available, it’s important to choose the right type of formwork for your specific construction needs.

Our Range of Wall Formwork Systems


The Economy Form Panel system is a versatile formwork solution that can be used for both vertical and horizontal formwork applications. This system is light in weight and is simple and quick to erect and dismantle. The system’s versatility enables utilisation for a multitude of applications and parameters.

This system is an advanced and multi-purpose system due to the following features:

  • Only two scaffold tubes or channel walers are required for alignment due to the built-in stiffeners, this is dependent on height
  • Minimal clamps are required
  • Rapid assembly with wedge sets
  • Can easily be erected with unskilled labour
  • Accommodates any tie system
  • Durable 3mm steel face is resistant to vibrators or penetrative reinforced steel
  • Automatic precision on assembly results in 100% accuracy on finished concrete
  • Multi-purpose: can be used for walls or decking


Providing standard economy panel column formwork.

Our Economy Panels comprise a steel framework that can withstand concrete pressure at varying heights.

Uni-Lite is a lightweight modular walling system that is perfect for any off-shutter finish. The steel frame has a timber faced board secured to it which completes the panel. The Uni-Lite system can be used for a multitude of applications from vertical & horizontal works to elevator shafts, dams and tunnel solutions.

Uni-Lite offers an efficient system through the following features:

  • Reduced panel weight – enabling a lightweight system that can be man-handled
  • On-site erection, dismantling and shifting
  • Modular system offering various panel heights & widths
  • Quick & simple connection of panels to suit any position
  • Panels for corners, columns and circular walls are available
  • A full range of accessories on offer
  • Ideal for when crane handling is a concern

This system is highly compatible with other formwork systems currently in the market. Uni-span’s team of engineers and industry experts provide technical assistance throughout the project.

NOE is a versatile, robust and timber-faced panel system which provides a smooth concrete finish. It is quick and easy to assemble, enabling minimal downtime on site. The basic panels incorporate the strongbacks and walers into one timber faced panel. The versatile NOE system offers the following features:

  • Minimal components required in creation of formwork gangform
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • 21mm resin faced ply is fastened from the rear of the panel; avoiding concrete face defects
  • The panels have cast iron integrated corner blocks; preventing damage to the corners and assisting
  • in positioning of panels
  • Easy to fix push-pull stays, clip-on access brackets and multi-claw brackets to facilitate over-the-top
  • tying and fixing of stop-ends
  • Toplock H panel connection clamp facilitates up to 150mm of timber strip patching
  • Selection of internal corner panels, external corner angles and flexible corners for < or > 90-degree angles

Uni-Flex Walling is a diversified system that can offer adaptability in forming various structural elements. It is commonly used in both standard and special formwork systems for unique concrete finishes on walls and columns. The Uni-Flex walling system comprises of a plywood face, PF20 beams (timber), twin-channel walers and ties.

The benefits of the Uni-Flex walling system include:

  • System can be pre-assembled off-site and delivered as a complete unit
  • Higher concrete pressures and increased pour rates achievable
  • Specific architectural specifications are possible
  • No fixed tie positions
  • The form-face of the system can be tailored to suit the requirements of the project
  • Less labour intensive due to minimized loose accessories
  • System can be used on walls and columns

The Uni-Climbing Roll Back Bracket is an effective system that is economical and males for optimum adaptability in any construction project. It is ideal for use with both framed formwork and timber systems.

The formwork and climbing bracket are linked as a single unit that can be crane lifting simultaneously; reducing crane time to a minimum. With its ease of operation and durable components, this climbing formwork system meets the demands of actual practice.

Uni-span climbing system is used in applications where formwork is shifted upwards in successive pouring lifts.

Examples of applications include high-rise residential and industrial structures, bridge piers, silos and telecom towers.

Contact our technical team for more information on our climbing formwork solutions.

Providing standard or custom-made column formwork.

Our Column Boxes and Economy Panels comprise a steel framework that can withstand concrete pressure at varying heights. Column Boxes offer a thicker plate which increases stiffness and allows for taller columns to be formed.

  • Column Boxes (A, B and C Type)
  • Uni-MF
  • EF
  • Uni-Lite
Contact us for more info on our wall formwork systems and services.

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