Uni-span offers advanced designs and systems for efficient formwork and scaffolding solutions across Africa. Servicing the civil, commercial and power & generation industries for over 30 years – we have the experience to service your project.

Offering advanced designs and systems for efficient and accurate formwork and scaffolding solutions across Africa. Servicing a multitude of industries which include Civils, Commercial, Construction Petrochemical and Power & Generation, Uni-span offers customised formwork solutions which are tailor made to project requirements. 

We have spent the last 33 years strengthening our position in the South African construction industry as well as throughout the African continent. With offices throughout the country and in Ghana and Botswana, we are well-positioned to service a broad customer base.

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We offer a diverse range of vertical and horizontal formwork systems for hire or sale. We offer formwork systems for every type of project across a multitude of industries. Our technical engineers and designers will provide an accurate solution based on your requirements – whether the focus is on cost-effectiveness, speed of construction, load capacity, flexibility or surface quality.

Our formwork system portfolio includes a wide range of wall formwork, column formwork and slab formwork.

We also offer made-to-measure customised formwork for Access Scaffolding.

We provide efficient and cost-effective scaffolding solutions for falsework, working scaffold and safety scaffold across the civil, petrochemical, oil & gas and construction industries. Our scaffolding is produced according to the highest quality standards.

Our scaffold is lightweight and adaptable, with high load-bearing capacity.

Materials used in the construction of concrete formwork include timber, steel, aluminium, plastic and plywood. Globally, there are numerous systems and often a combination of two material will be used. Uni-Span sells a range of formwork accessories which include formwork clamps, tie rods, wing nuts, water stoppers, buts and couplings.

Our Technical Design Specialists supply advanced and detailed drawings that adhere to all standards as stipulated in the Construction Regulation Act. The team use state-of-the art design software and will provide technical designs in accordance with your project requirements. All designs conform to the Occupational Health & Safety requirements.

Uni-span has a fully equipped Timber Engineering Workshop for the construction of any custom-made formwork elements. The Vario system is used to create special formwork structures that can be adapted to suit all geometries and requirements, e.g. tie positions or acceptable fresh concrete pressure. It is possible to construct any shape or size of formwork  with various finishes – smooth to rough, special patterns or detailed off shutter finish.

We use this system as project formwork in commercial, industrial and residential construction for particular architectural concrete parts or bridge abutments and retaining walls.

Why do we believe that we are Formwork & Scaffolding Specialists?

Uni-span was established on true grit and sheer passion. With our leadership  stemming right from the roots, our business operations represent over 33 years of experience and wisdom.

Our project experience ranges across a multitude of industries which mainly include Civils (bridges, reservoirs, power & generation plants and water treatment works & wastewater treatment works), Commercial (malls, offices and miscellaneous buildings) as well as Access Scaffold projects (commercial, petrochemical and power and generation).

Our international technical design office is equipped to offer advanced and detailed drawings and equipment layouts to not only assist the contractors on site, but to also facilitate the completion of their projects in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

We understand the challenges that come with operating in the tough African climate which includes dynamic requirements and highly pressurised deadlines. Our promise is to understand our customers’ requirements and aim to serve in the most advanced, cost-effective and efficient manner.

Do you have a project that requires formwork and scaffolding? Or do you require specialised formwork for a bespoke project? Let our team of technical sales engineers assisting you with a solution.

Uni-span has offices throughout South Africa including Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, East London and Secunda. We also have offices in Ghana and Botswana to service our African customers.