TF Lajflex Formwork System
ProductTF Lajflex Formwork System
CategoryModular Horizontal Formwork System
Priceper sqm / Price on Request
LocationSouth Africa
DescriptionA simple and versatile system that is suitable for various slab formwork applications and ideal for commercial construction projects – retail centres, offices, and residential.

Easy to assemble
- Simple modular components
- Due to lightweight components, all system components can be handled by manual labour
- No crane is required

Reduced assembly time
- utilising the drophead system allows for early striking
- the horizontal components can be removed and reused immediately for next casting

- modular components allow for multi-directional application
- system can be utilised on pre-cast slabs as well as cast in-situ slabs
- system can be utilised with props or scaffolding

- special grids with ribs spaced 7.5cm apart ensures a safe deck and walking area snap-lock reduces human error

*System includes all components – grids, beams, props etc


DOKA Staxo 100 Frame
ProductDOKA Staxo 100 Frame
CategoryLoad Bearing System
Priceper sqm / Price on Request
LocationSouth Africa
DescriptionThe robust Staxo 100 system is designed for shoring at height and sustaining high load capacities.

- Steel frames available in 0.90 m, 1.20 m, and 1.80 m height for simple height adaptation
- Logical assembly sequence
- Built-in connectors, safety catches and diagonal crosses allow for fast and simple assembly
- Continuous and simple height adaptation – even when under load
- Easy to operate
- Easy adaption to unusual layouts
- Stair tower provides access to high-up work areas

*System includes all accessories – screw jacks, diagonal braces, toe boards etc


DOKA Table Forms
ProductDOKA Table Forms
CategoryLoad Bearing System
Priceper sqm / Price on Request
LocationSouth Africa
DescriptionAn innovative system designed for the quick formation of large slabbing areas. It can be adapted to various structural designs and geometrical requirements.

- Cost saving on labour and crane handling time – no crane needed for repositioning of compete units
- A practical design allows for fast assembly and quick adaptation to layout, floor thickness and height
- Integrable table platforms increase safety of labour:
-- platforms located directly on the work-deck level
-- platform is fixed onto table
-- platforms with widths of up to 1.50 m

*System includes all components – table heads, props, beam plates etc


ULMA Hydraulic Self-Climbing System
ProductULMA Hydraulic Self-Climbing System
CategoryClimbing Formwork
Priceper sqm / Price on Request
LocationSouth Africa
DescriptionIncreased efficiency for high-rise construction! A flexible and versatile system that can be adapted for various vertical formwork systems.

The hydraulic self-climbing system is a formwork support structure that is used in the construction of walls and other vertical structures. The climbing process involves the successive elevation of the mast and climbing bracket-formwork-set alongside the wall surface.


- Driven by mechanical and hydraulic mechanisms and therefore requires no crane assistance.
- Hydraulic climbing saves time – performance is fast paced in comparison to conventional climbing with a crane
- Can be operated even in adverse weather conditions
- Safe lifting and handling at height
- Can be adapted to complex wall geometries
- Large and protected working platforms with safe access
- Hydraulic system is configurable to construction requirements
- High load bearing capacity which allows for large formwork assemblies to be easily lifted
- Roll-back system allows work to continue between formwork panels
- Compatible with most vertical formwork systems