Timber engineering plays a crucial role in construction projects, and Uni-span can assist with timber engineering solutions. Uni-span has a fully equipped timber engineering workshop for the construction of custom-made formwork elements.

Uni-span has a fully equipped Timber Engineering Workshop for the construction of any custom-made formwork elements. The Vario system is used to create special formwork structures that can be adapted to suit all geometries and requirements, e.g. tie positions or acceptable fresh concrete pressure. It is possible to construct any shape or size of formwork with various finishes – smooth to rough, special patterns or detailed off-shutter finish.

If there is a structure we cannot do ourselves in the workshop, we have a long-term and trusted relationship with a custom supplier. Our design team uses specialised programmes to create special formwork structures that can be adapted to suit all geometries and requirements. We can create and construct any shape or size of formwork with various finishes. Trust us as your partner.

We use this system as project formwork in commercial, industrial and residential construction for particular architectural concrete parts or bridge abutments and retaining walls. Contact us today on 011 462 8965 to find out more about our expertise in timber engineering, including our engineered timber products and the benefits of using them in your next construction project.

Project experience includes:

» Loftus Park – Elliptical wall
» Heineken Brewery – various circular structures
» Du Pont Pioneer, Delmas – various shaped and sloping beams

Uni-span’s Expertise in Timber Engineering

Timber engineering facilities enables us to offer our customers bespoke solutions or requirements. We have created a multitude of bespoke elements – including curved timber walls and various other things. We pride ourselves on providing detailed drawings and equipment layouts from our technical design office to our engineering team or supplier.

We use the high-quality Vario system for all our engineered timber construction projects. We have used timber engineering services in commercial, industrial and residential construction projects including particular architectural concrete parts, bridge abutments, and retaining walls as examples.

Our Engineered Timber Solutions

Uni-span offers a range of engineered timber products, including engineered decking timber and engineered structural timber. The benefits of using engineered timber in construction projects, includes increased durability and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional timber formwork.

Benefits of Using Engineered Timber Products in Construction Projects

Our engineered timber products are designed to improve efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness in construction projects. We offer expertise in timber engineering and engineered timber products providing the ideal solutions for construction companies, mining plants, petrochemical plants, building developers, commercial and retail industries, civils, and government jobs across Africa.

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Uni-span has offices throughout South Africa including Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, East London and Secunda. We also have offices in Ghana and Botswana to service our African customers easily.