When working on a construction project, it’s important to have a safe and reliable scaffolding system in place. At Uni-span, we understand the detail and knowledge required for providing safe and reliable scaffolding systems and we have been delivering this service for over 25 years.

Our modular scaffolding systems are designed for various construction applications, and our team of experts are always available to help you choose the right system for your project.

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When you choose Uni-Span for all your scaffolding needs, you’ll be choosing a company that offers professional systems and as well as detailed design services to meet your project needs every time.

The Importance of Having a Safe and Reliable Scaffolding System

Not only is having safe scaffolding part of necessary regulation, it is also essential to the safety of your staff and to the smooth running of your construction project. When it comes to the importance of portable scaffolding systems, the main benefits include:

  • Safe, easy accessibility for working at height
  • Cost-effective and cost-saving due to less downtime or ser backs
  • Better project timeline adherence and less delays
  • Safer for staff and workers
  • Adherence to regulations

We Offer These Types of Scaffolding Systems

This slab support system is quick to erect, simple to handle and comprises six basic components. The modularity of the system allows for efficient and easy erection and stripping. The panels can be stripped after three days; leaving the support work i.e. jacks, standards, ledgers and bracing in place until the concrete has cured. All components can be packed into pallets which allows for easy transportation.

Beneficial features include:

  • Maximum utilisation of the equipment
  • Eliminates any deflections of the slab
  • No re-propping required
  • System used with coffers and troughs

Coffer or waffle slabs are used to construct large two-way spanning floors. The fibreglass coffers can be used with the Quick-Strip beams and the plastic coffer can be used with timber girders or table forms.

The Selflock Tower offers quick access to elevated positions. Towers can easily be erected by man and it is very light and easy to move from one position to the next. The tower can be moved on jack caster wheels but they must be locked when tower is in use.

Components include frames, steel boards, tie bars, plan braces and various accessories.

When safe base-to-height ratios are exceeded or there are high lateral loads, the tower should be tied securely to a structure with scaffold tube & fittings.

For any electrical work, plumbing, maintenance, plastering, painting and column erection, the Selflock Tower is a very efficient system to use!

Uni-span’s Experience in Providing Quality Scaffolding Systems

Uni-span are the leaders in construction scaffolding and are the best at offering customised scaffolding solutions that can be tailor made to your specific requirements.
We have offices throughout South Africa including Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, East London and Secunda. We also have offices in Ghana and Botswana to service our African customers easily.