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Uni-span offers a variety of formwork systems that are designed for various site requirements which include complex structural challenges, customised concrete solutions and time sensitive construction schedules.

Formwork is the term given to a mould (temporary or permanent) into which concrete is poured. Although a range of other materials can be used, timber and steel are the materials most commonly used for formwork structures, .


Slab Formwork

Slab formwork, otherwise commonly known as decking, is a horizontal temporary system that is in place to support and transfer self weights, imposed loads and environment loads during stages of construction to the shoring.

Uni-Span boasts five slab formwork systems which include the Uni-Deck Panel system, the Timber Beam and Board system, the Lajflex Grid system and the Alufort system.

Timber or steel secondary and primary bearer formwork on props is the most versatile slab formwork and can be utilized in very complex arrangements where the more modular systems would be difficult to use.

Modular slab formwork is a system that comprises of prefabricated timber, steel or aluminum beams and formwork modules. Modules are often no larger than 1 – 2m in size. The beams and formwork are typically set by hand and pinned, clipped, or screwed together. The advantages of a modular system are as follows:

  • No crane is required to place the formwork,
  • Less labour intensive which increases the speed of construction
  • Formwork modules can be removed after concrete sets, leaving only shoring in place prior to achieving design strength

These solutions can be used for applications that include bridge decks, flat slabs and coffered slabs.


Shoring is a vertical temporary structure that is in place to support and transfer all loadings from the formwork system to the ground.

Uni-Span’s shoring solutions comprise of Uni-Stage, the High-Load Frame System, Props and Steel Beams. Uni-Stage is a steel framework system that is cost effective and versatile in its application. The High-Load Frame System is a modular steel system that can support up to 70 kN and is less labour intensive. Uni-Span’s shoring systems, which include heavy-duty props, spanning beams (Uni-Max) and girders are geared to provide support in heavy construction projects within the civil and construction sectors.


Wall Formwork

Uni-Span offers comprehensive modular systems to cater for any concrete finish that may be required.

Uni-Span’s wall formwork systems include Uni-Lite, Economy Panel and Noe. Uni-Lite and Noe are timber-faced panel systems which provide a smooth concrete finish and Uni-Span’s Economy Panel system is a traditional steel framework that offers rigidity and stability and is our most cost effective system.

Column Formwork

Uni-Span provides standard or custom-made column formwork.

Our systems include Uni-Lite, Economy Panels and circular, square and rectangular steel Column Boxes.

Our Column Boxes and Economy Panels are comprised of a steel framework that can withstand concrete pressure at various heights. Column Boxes offer a thicker plate which increases stiffness and allows for taller columns to be formed. Both steel systems offer rigidity and stability with our EF Panel system being the most cost effective. Uni-Lite is our timber-faced system that is perfect for any smooth finish required.

Climbing Formwork

The Uni-Climbing Roll Back Bracket is ideal for any height and proves its versatility on all tall structures.

It is an effective modular system that is economical and makes for optimum adaptability in any construction project. The Uni-Climbing Roll Back Bracket is ideal for use with both framed formwork panels and formwork made of timber beams. The formwork and climbing bracket are linked as a single unit that can be crane-lifted simultaneously; reducing crane time to a minimum. With its ease of operation and durable components, this climbing formwork system supremely meets the demands of actual practice.

Uni-Span’s climbing system is used in applications where formwork is shifted upwards in successive pouring lifts. Examples of applications include high-rise residential and industrial structures, bridge piers, silos and telecom towers.