At Uni-span, we supply multiple timber products including timber formwork that vary in quality, size, and price to meet every kind of project need, application and budget.

We understand the importance of traditional timber formwork in construction projects and are proud to offer high-quality timber formwork solutions to meet the needs of the construction industry. Timber has proven to be one of the most effective materials in the construction industry.
Plywood which is a manufactured product of timber is used for formworks. And consists of number of veneer sheets or plies in layers.

What is Timber Formwork?

Timber formwork is a type of formwork used in construction that involves creating moulds out of timber. These moulds are used to pour concrete and create structures such as walls, columns, and beams. Timber formwork has been used in construction for centuries and is still popular today thanks to its cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and sustainability.

Types of Timber Formwork

There are different types of timber formwork available for industrial and construction applications. The timber formwork systems and materials we use offer both quality and durability, making them excellent choices for construction purposes.

At Uni-span, we offer a variety of timber formwork products including:

A fine-grained timber material that is commonly used in construction and furniture manufacturing. The reason that birch plywood makes for a great wood substitute is its resistance to bending and warping over time.

Panel Size (mm):

  • 21 x 2500 x 625


  • F/F film DB 220/220
  • Solid birch Core
  • Grade I/I

A strong, resistant exterior plywood used in building and construction projects. The surface of film-faced plywood has a film coating which gives the plywood a higher resistance to moisture, abrasion, and fungal attacks compared to ordinary plywood.

Panel Size (mm):

  • 18 x 1220 x 2440
  • 21 x 1220 x 2440


  • Premium 180GSM film cover provides smooth finish
  • Finger joint core
  • Waterproof glue ensures moisture resistance
  • Very good weight to rigidity ratio
  • Suitable for multiple applications (3-6 uses)

Pine shutterply, or commonly known as builders ply consists of layers of 100% pine ply to form an economical building board and is primarily used in the shuttering (temporary moulding) or forming of wet concrete until the concrete sets. Unlike that of film-faced or birch plywood, pine plywood’s appearance is of secondary importance to its application.

Panel Size (mm):

  • 18 x 1220 x 2440
  • 21 x 1220 x 2440


  • 100% pine exterior ply
  • Manufactured with WBP (waterproof) glue
  • Grade C+/C
  • Finger joint core

The Benefits of Timber Formwork

The advantages of timber formwork include the guarantee of safe, reliable, and cost-effective formwork. We use high-quality timber and plywood to ensure that our formwork solutions are durable and long-lasting. However, if you need to use timber once-off for a project and/or have budget constraints, we can still help you with our alternate, most cost effective products. 

Uni-span’s Expertise and Experience in Timber Formwork Projects

At Uni-span, we have a team of experts with extensive experience in the construction industry. We understand the challenges faced by customers, including dynamic requirements, highly pressurised deadlines, and budget constraints. That’s why we offer advanced and detailed drawings to help our customers plan their projects efficiently. Our expertise and experience allow us to serve our customers in the most advanced, cost-effective, and efficient manner.

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