We understand various formwork types and our designs are accurately created to your strict project requirements.

Does your construction project have complex structural challenges, customised concrete solutions, and time-sensitive construction schedules? Then you need Uni-span to provide you with a range of formwork systems for a variety of construction applications. 

We are the leaders in formwork design and systems and have been providing quality formwork systems for over 25 years. Contact us today for wall and concrete formwork systems that will exceed your expectations.

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 Our Range of Formwork Systems For Construction

Uni-span is a specialist formwork supplier and we offer a diverse range of vertical and horizontal formwork systems for hire or sale. We offer formwork systems for every type of project across a multitude of industries. Our technical engineers and designers will provide an accurate solution based on your requirements – whether the focus is on cost-effectiveness, speed of construction, load capacity, flexibility or surface quality. 

At Uni-span our formwork system portfolio includes a wide range of wall formwork, column formwork and slab formwork design. We also offer made-to-measure customised beam formwork design for when a standard modular system cannot be used in an application and a specialised application needs to be designed and manufactured.

Our formwork systems include:



 The Risks of Using Unreliable Formwork Systems

Safety is the number one risk associated with using unreliable formwork systems and suppliers. When you use a sub-standard product or company you run the risk of the safety of both your staff and your project. Sub-standard formwork will not comply to regulation which can have long-term, negative effects to the final project too.

Other risks include overspending your budget, timelines overruns, and not meeting project deadlines.

Contact Uni-span For Quality Formwork Systems

Not only do we offer the wide range of formwork systems and solutions, but our design team is highly skilled at designing formwork layouts and plans that you may require.

Uni-span are the leaders in construction formwork and are the best at offering customised formwork and scaffolding solutions that can be tailor made to your specific requirements.

Uni-span has offices throughout South Africa including Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, East London and Secunda. We also have offices in Ghana and Botswana to service our African customers easily.