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NOEtop is a versatile, robust integrated formwork panel system. The basic panels incorporate the strongbacks and walers into one timber faced panel. The panel range provides economic forming with large panels with few tie holes, providing a symmetrical arrangement. The 21mm resin faced ply is fastened from the rear of the panel, keeping the concrete face free from defects. The panels have cast iron integrated corner blocks, which stops damage to the corners, and aids panel positioning.

NOEtop comes with easy to fix push pull stays and clip on access brackets, together with a multi-claw tie bracket to facilitate over the top tying and the fixing of stop ends. The toplock H panel connection clamp can also facilitate up to 150mm timber strip patching. The NOEtop range comes with a selection of internal corner panels, external corner angels and flexible corners for less or more than 90º angles.

High labour costs on construction sites increasingly require easier and faster formwork systems. The number of components to be assembled and moved determines the shuttering turn around times and therefore the cost of construction. NOEtop uses the minimum of components to create a formwork gangform, therefore limiting downtime and avoiding the time consuming search for parts. NOEtop provides the contractor with an off shutter panel system with a fast assembly and pour to pour move cycle time.

Versatile in use - the integrating bracing allows NOEtop to be used as beam formwork.
Robust - All panels have corner castings and uniform profile thickness.
Noetop - Ideal for residential buildings. The greatly reduced number of connectors and accessories results in considerable
savings in time and hire costs.
Ease of handling - Corner castings with integrated lever edge.
Freely selectable tie rod layout - Symmetrical or free choice of tie rod layout.
Interchangeable - With adjustable internal and external corners.

Two connections - Toplock V and multi-claw

Toplock V - only one connection for: Normal connections
Compensation pieces up to 42mm
Adjustable corners
Conventional formwork arrangements

Muti-Claw for: Corner solutions
Rectangular columns
End ties
Foundation ties
Stopend forms

Secure Self-locking platform brackets attach to side-on and end-on panels.

Because of its integrated strongbacks, the NOEtop
transforms from a modular large panel system into a large area gangform.

Multiple choice of tie positions
Free choice of symmetrical pre-drilled or free selection of tie holes.

Optimal size module
Symmetrical grid of panel arrangement due to the optimal module of panel sizes (1/4, 1/2, 1/1, 5/4, 2/1), allowing a regular combination of panels either arranged vertically or horizontally.

Economic forming with the largest panel available on the market = unique
14.05m2 large area panel (5.30 x 2.65m or 2.65 x 5.30m - as required).

No Marks
Jointless and rivet free plywood facing fastened from the rear.

Cross stiffeners provided with grooves and multiholes offering numerous options for the fixing of any accessories and safety equipment.