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The Uni-Span system consists of all steel economy panels. These are available in a combination of sizes from 75mm to 600mm wide and 900mm to 3000mm long. Special sizes can also be made to order.

The panels are joined by wedge sets which are inserted through slots in the punched flat which forms the edge of the panel.

The panels are aligned by either tube or channel walers which are clamped to the panels with "B" or "C" clamps. For heavy duty concrete work, form soldiers are used. The panels are then gangformed and crane handled. The panels are tied together to form parallel faces using tie systems.

The versatile panel system can be used to construct: walls, columns beams, culverts, bridges and pile caps.

The panel system consists of 6 basic elements: Steel economy panels, tubular or channel walers, wedge sets, tie systems, push-pull props or plumbing brackets and access brackets.

Economy panels are an advanced multi-purpose formwork system because:

  • Stiffeners are built into the panel, therefore only two scaffold tube or channel walers are required for alignment.
  • Minimum clamps are required
  • Rapid assembly with wedge sets
  • Can easily be erected by unskilled labour
  • Accommodates any tie system
  • Durable steel face plate cannot be damaged by vibrators or penetrated by the reinforcing steel
  • The automatic precision on assembly, results in 100% dimensional accuracy of the finished concrete
  • Multi use - walls and decking

Uni-Span's gangform climbing system is crane handled and fixed to the concrete with anchor screws. The plumbing bracket has an adjustment screw which is used for vertical alignment. The hanging bracket provides a safe working platform for grouting and removal of lower anchors.

Access brackets provide for a three board working platform 685mm wide. The access bracket can be attached to the form soldier at the required position.

Plumbing Bracket
The plumbing bracket has two attachment points 1200mm apart to bolt the bracket vertically to the form soldier. An adjustment screw which extends 900mm from the form soldier is used for vertical alignment.


This climbing system is crane handled and is easily plumbed and aligned. A minimum amount of crane time is required to simply lift the shutter and hook it onto the climbing cone which was cast into the concrete on the previous pour.

The scissor action allows the formwork to be rolled back to enable the panels to be cleaned and oiled in position without having to lower the shutter to the ground or the floor below.