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Downstand beams are incorporated in the coffer system thus making for quick and easy erection

  • Coffer or trough floors give a reduction in concrete
    and reinforcing steel
  • The slab is lighter, resulting in a reduction in weight of foundations and support
  • Coffers and troughs can be used on the standard
    Uni-Stage support system
  • They can be kwikstripped thereby effecting a
    substantial saving in the number of coffers and
    troughs required
  • The plastic or fibreglass units are light and easy to handle

Coffer or waffle slabs are used to construct large twoway spanning floors. Depending on the type of coffers to be used, the fibreglass type can be used in conjunction with the kwikstrip beams while the plastic coffer type can be used on a platform constructed out of timber girders or table forms.