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In 2003, South Africa’s Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act was signed into legislation.  The Act aims to generate a broad understanding of black economic empowerment as an integrated socio-economic process, promoting a significant shift in black ownership, management and control in the economy, supporting emerging black enterprise and skills development, and reducing income inequalities.

In 2007, the Department of Trade and Industry introduced the Codes of Good Practice for broad-based black economic empowerment, and the Codes now stand as an addendum to the B-BBEE Act providing a guide to good practice in terms of BEE business.

The generic scorecard developed alongside the Codes of Good Practice provides a means for measuring black economic empowerment across a range of indicators.  The seven main measures each carry a weighted score to determine the level of BEE performance or the BEE status of a company.

These measures are:  ownership, management control, socio-economic development, enterprise development, preferential procurement, skills development and employment equity.

To date, Uni-Span has focused on achieving employment equity and has invested in enterprise development – encouraging some of its smaller trading customers to become fully fledged emerging enterprises and establishing small businesses among the welders formally employed at the Qwa Qwa factory to handle the assembly of a portion of the company’s scaffolding and formwork.

In addition, skills development plans are in place at all group companies with the aim of upskilling staff and developing black management skills at middle and senior management levels.

Uni-Span Formwork & Scaffolding (Pty) Ltd and Augusta Steel (Pty) Ltd have been BBBEE compliant for a number of years. They have continually improved their status and are both currently at a LEVEL 4 rating. Uni-Span Formwork & Scaffolding (Pty) Ltd is a Value Added entity which allows their customers to claim 125% of the value of their purchases for their own BBBEE ratings.