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The Alufort aluminum system is made up of a series of props, with a drop head, supporting a system of aluminum beams and panels. All components of this system weigh no more than 20kg, this is to allow the system to be easily handled by site personnel.

Given the various scenarios encountered on a construction site when erecting suspended slab formwork, Alufort has adaptations in its range to cater for situations such as changes in layouts, cantilever areas and a whole host of other permutations that may be encountered.


The drophead principle allows striking after only 1 day, depending on slab depth and concrete strength. Striking is easier because the panels can be released from the concrete more easily after a short time. The main beam cuts the number of props required. For an area of 2.30 x 1.50 = 3.45m2, only 1 prop is needed. This corresponds to 0.29 props per square metre of slab.

The drophead is released with a hammer blow causing all of the formwork to lower by 60mm. Panels and main beams can then be removed. The drophead props together with cover strips remain in position. For the new cycle, only around 70% extra drophead props are required.

A compensation beam is placed on the toothed section beam, in the opposite direction, after which a 21mm shutterply board
is cut to exact dimensions of the opening and place on top of the compensation beam.